Cryotech - Trattamenti criogenici sui metalli - Lecco - Como - Milano


Since 2005 we cool parts and mechanical components down to -200 ° C. Time and temperature of the process are optimized and customized to meet your performance requirements.

In steels we transform the austenite into martensite..


The productive life of tools, molds and precision metal parts, can be increased.

The cryogenic process does not change the appearance and finish of the treated products. We handle your products with care.

Mechanical properties:
Increases the wear resistance, increases the tensile strength, decrease the fragility.

Stress Removal:: The manufacturing process of materials create the internal stress. The cryogenic removes these stresses. Excellent results have been obtained by configuring the treatment as “medicine” for all metallic materials. The surface is smoother, thanks to the reduction of the number of microscopic cavities, grooves and peaks. The reduction of the roughness of contact, contributes to the reduction of friction and the number of interstices where you place the dirt.

Repositioning molecules: Acts on the whole component not only on the surface. Microstructural analyzes have confirmed the above.

The treatment can be used for coated and uncoated tools. The coating adhesion will be better.

An homogeneous material will be less subject to vibration if used in high speed rotation. You will have less friction and abrasions.

Cryogenic treatment does not substitute hardening, but complete the process and the properties introduced with the heat treatment.